Wholesaling of Ready-to-Wear in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in ready- to- wear clothing all around the world. We buy most of our clothes as readymade garments. We prefer ready- to- wear brands for almost all kinds of clothes, especially for dress, shirt, skirt, jeans. Nowadays, people want to purchase luxury by spending less money. This is why they has started to choose ready- to- wear brands.

Textile which means a woven or knit cloth is made by fiber, products, semi-finished fabrics, and products obtained by them. Need for clothing has increased more and more as a result of difference of individuals’ cultural levels and environmental conditions.

Turkey is third on the list in garment industry

Ready- to- wear clothing dealing with clothing part and manufacturing is the part of textile industry. It is defined as clothes mass produced based on standardized sizing system and ready to launch. Ready- to- wear production serves for the need of people’s clothes and accessories in everyday life, and it has different sub-categories such as outwear, underwear, tops and bottoms, winter and summer clothes.

Turkey is world’s 3rd best in the garment industry. Turkey has been the seventh bigger supplier of readymade garment worldwide, having 3, 2 percent as a fraction since 2018. It comes right after China and Bangladesh in exporting to the EU countries. Clothing industry is now one of the head leading sectors in terms of national economy which is led by significant effects of production and employment.

Ask Dressi for high quality ready- to- wear clothing

Wholesalers who offer quality and elegance at affordable price also enable people to follow fashion with less spending. Number of wholesalers of ready- to- wear in Turkey has been increasing gradually thanks to reasonable prices. Dressi, taking place in Izmir’s wholesaling sector, offers different kinds of clothes in reasonable prices. Brand respond the need of, especially, women clothing. Dressi is among the best active brands through its quality and creative products. You can contact us by link right away.

Women care more about fashion

Women care more about fashion than men. Women who are more interested in how they look want to follow the latest fashion as they like changes. Since new changes in fashion sector are hard to catch, most of the clothing brands have started to prefer wholesalers of ready-to-wear product.